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The Architect of Time

Loran watches from the edge of the pond as an exact duplicate of himself plunges through the ice and splashes into the black water.  He remembers falling in, moments ago.  Instead of drowning, he realizes he’s looped back in time.


From that night on, nightmarish magic springs from him when he’s in danger.  When his dad stalks toward him to teach him another lesson, he brings the kitchen appliances to life to fend him off.  When he’s cornered by bullies, he levitates a pile of tools and beats them bloody.  It’s not a power he can control.


Pretending life is normal becomes impossible after that, especially when Brazil, Indiana is rocked by a string of murders and Loran discovers that the killer is searching for him.  His only chance to survive is to harness the wild, deadly powers haunting him and solve the mystery of the Heartache Killer.


With the help of Cal, his ex-best friend, and Elizabeth, a girl who never would’ve given him the time of day before he could do magic, Loran devises a desperate plan:


Make sure he’s the next victim.


Loop back in time again.


Take out the killer.

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